Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

OSEmu for OpenELEC (WeTek and CuBox-i)


1. Install tvheandend and oscam in OpenELEC

2. Disable oscam

3. Download OSEmu

4. Copy and overwrite the files in your .kodi folder (folders should be as in the .tar file)

5. Add the Softcam.key to ".kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.softcam.oscam/config" folder.

Don't ask me for the Softcam.key - you'll have to find it somewhere else.

6. Enable oscam

7. Add CAPMT (Linux DVBAPI) in tvheadend and change the Listen/Connect Port: to 988 (as you can see on the last pic)

I am not really into that kind of stuff... but it should work like that. I tested it on a WeTek Box and CuBox-i.

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